Saturday, September 1, 2012

A/C Compressor Brackets

For the past two days me and my dad have been building the brackets for the A/C compressor and the PM motor I am going to use to run it. It's a lot of work because the A/C compressor has the stay in the car unless I want to deal with discharging and recharging it for big bucks, so it's been taking a while, but well worth it.

I've had this motor since I built the first EV but just didn't want to spend the time to mount it. After 5 years of driving the EV without A/C I just knew this EV was gonna have it.

Now I've been reading a few things about these PM treadmill motors burning out but after reading about them I think the consensus was don't run think at pack voltage. My research says 30-40 volts should do it the trick to tomorrow I am going to rig up 36 volts and my current shunt and attempt to see if the A/C works!

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