Monday, September 3, 2012

Start of the Control Tray

Today we started to build the control tray. I'm waiting for a new pulley for my A/C setup so that's on hold for now, but I have a lot to do.

So today we cut out a new tray, this time it's out of 1/2" plastic sheet instead of mismatched steel plates!

Here is a picture of the tray installed and the components placed on for location checking:

Before I finish off this tray I have to install the heater and remove the power steering pump. There is a nice gap under the Zilla and behind the motor where I am going to put the heater and water pump. So now I am making the mounts for the heater parts, then I will bolt everything down to the tray. Progress is slow but steady, I want this to really look good and not be partly working.

I do have to remove the power steering pump, I am thinking about looping the connections from the pump together and keeping the steering fluid reservoir in the loop. 

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