Saturday, September 15, 2012

On The Ground

Today was a full day of EV building! I woke up this morning to rain, but by the time I had finished waking up and eating breakfast the sun had come out and everything was pretty much dry.

I had lots of help today, I have a goal of a test drive Sunday afternoon, so I needed to get a lot done today.
My dad spent most of the day working on installing the speed sensor on the motor:

I spent the day finishing the 12 volt system, installed the 12v aux battery and tested the system. I also hooked up the motor to the Zilla and cleaned up a lot of the wiring with zip ties. Then we dropped the car off the stands onto the ground and rolled it forward so the trunk is now under my tarp.

Erin cleaned out the trunk and we started to figure out the battery installation. Tomorrow I am installing the battery tray, adding a small attachment to hold the lonely cell #45 and make the high power cables.

I am really hoping for a test drive tomorrow afternoon, but I am not going to rush anything. I want this done right, and I want it to look good. Tonight I am thinking through how I am going to hold down the batteries and tomorrow I am having another full day of EV fun.

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