Monday, September 17, 2012

Battery Tray Installation

Today I had a busy day with meetings, but when I got home I started installing the tray. I ended up messing up the single battery tray add on, I compressed the pieces together with a clamp and it removed the JB Kwik so it snapped while I was bolting the tray down!

So my dad helped me with the tray by brazing the pieces together.

 I also finished building the power cables. You can see the Elcon 2000+ in the left part of the trunk.

 And here is the tray FINALLY mounted in! I just need one small piece of plywood to fill in the space for the last cell.

The next thing I have to do is mount the Airpax circuit breaker and mount the batteries! I also have to remove the fuel filler and install the charging plug socket. My plan is to mount the circuit breaker, wiring in the batteries and give it a first charge before I install the charging plug. I am aiming for a test drive on Friday afternoon, I need two more hours to install the batteries then I need to charge them up!

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