Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Going Over the Carnage

I have spent the past few days going over my coupling and motor shaft. There really wasn't anything severe done to the coupling, although it had some surface rust on the inner taper locking piece and it was not fully locked, allowing it to become loose.

I did order a new Warp 9 yesterday and it should be in next week. I do have the option of repairing my motor for $615 but I passed for the moment as I need to disassemble the motor to check all the internals.

Once I get my new motor I am going to do all the flywheel and coupling alignment done on the bench before going into the car. I also had the machine shop at my university modify the coupler to allow use of the pilot bearing, which I should have done from the beginning but didn't know I even needed it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Down for the Count

For the past few weeks my transmission has been making noises and I determined that the Input Shaft Bearing was the culprit. So after receiving my transmission rebuild kit my dad and I took apart the EV to get at the transmission.

However, I got a real unpleasant surprise:

As I was pulling the transmission out I saw some wear on the face of the motor. Then I found that coupling to be loose! After pulling it off we found the inner coupling and the motor shaft destroyed. I don't know if it somehow got loose, or it was misaligned, or what but right now I am a real unhappy camper and now on the hunt for a new motor and answers.