Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Fun

Today my dad and I went Christmas shopping and decided to take my EV. Well, not only did we end up driving 41+ miles on one charge, we had the heat running and it was snowing out!

I am quite happy with the performance on my EV. Last night I ended up doing my first highway drive by accident! I went out to a Christmas party and used my GPS and I was driving on the highway for 20 minutes doing 60 MPH before I even realized I was in my EV! It drove excellent and I am thinking about increasing my battery amps from 2C (360A) to 3C (540A) to give me more power on the highway.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Improving Things

I've been extremely pleased with my EV over the past few months. I have nearly 1700 electric miles on it and I have no really no problems. I do have a small issues with a bad relay on my heating system that doesn't always turn on or off, so I have to replace it with a better quality one.

I've had a few run ins with snow, but the EV has done well with driving in it and with keeping the windshield clean.

I am also slowly improving the efficiency. The new chambers gave me a 4% improvement in efficiency and I am going to inflate my tires more to help more. Right now I am at 291 WH/Mi from the wall and 268 WH/Mi from the battery pack with the heater off. My goal is to get it under 250 WH/Mi with the heater off so I am slowly working towards it.