Sunday, September 16, 2012

So Close!

Today was almost a full day working on the EV. I routed the 2/0 power cables underneath the EV, which took a long time! I used the old exhaust tunnel under the car to route the cables, then I zip-tied them up to the car chassis. I spent about 3 hours just routing cables because I had to jack up different sides of the EV to get around underneath.

I also mounted the Elcon 2000+ charger and added the small bracket on the battery rack for that lonely battery and painted it. Time flew by so fast today that I forgot to take any pictures!

So what is left before I can test drive? I have to crimp two more lugs, bolt down the battery tray, install the batteries and MiniBMS, then charge it up! I think I need another 3-4 hours of time so I am now aiming for a Friday test drive.

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