Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Control Tray Mounted

I've been so busy working on things that I keep forgetting to update this!

I have the tray bolted down along with all the major components. I hooked up the vacuum brakes and the throttle cables and have most of the low voltage wiring done.

Here is what is left for the front:
- Find wiring for "key" start for the Zilla
- Find the ECT, Countershaft, and TPS wires
- Install the Speed Sensor on the motor
- Put the 12 volt battery back in
- Wire high voltage to the motor
- Fill the heater system with Antifreeze
- Remove the Power Steering pump

 It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. Then I work on the batteries! My BMS arrived today but I wasn't home to pick it up so tomorrow morning I am going to visit the post office to get it. I hoping to install the batteries, hook up the BMS and make the heavy gauge wires this weekend and with any luck there may be a test drive soon!

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