Friday, August 10, 2012

Prep Work

For the past two days I've been doing the prep work for the conversion. I had to fix a few little things, such as replace the hood release and latch. I also had the new Skunk2 suspension installed. I first started to do it myself, but I came across some work the previous owner did and used the wrong bolts to hold the struts in place. Since I didn't even have the tools to loosen the bolts, I toke the suspension and the car down the the Goodyear mechanic shop and they were able to install it for me no problem, and it was pretty cheap with an alignment.

Today I am setting up my staging area, then I will be starting the gutting of the car. I'm going to take some pics and videos of the engine running so I can throw it up on Craigslist, along with the exhaust and gas tank. I'm hoping someone will want the engine and parts, they are in great shape and run just fine and look brand new.

So I hope to get the engine and transmission to the point where I will be ready to remove it tomorrow morning. If the weather cooperates I'll try and get it torn out tonight. This time around I am going to mount the electric motor to the transmission out side of the car, making it easier to work with and get assembled. I will also get photos up tonight on the progress.

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