Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My batteries arrived! I ordered them from Evolve Electric, and they came in nicely packaged containers. So now I have my 45x 180AH CALB cells and just about all my other components for this conversion. I'll be away from about three weeks, but once I come back full conversion will take place!

I basically will have a month to finish the conversion before going back to my last year of college. I have high hopes because most of the difficult parts should be done, such as the coupling, this time around, so I can spend more time just mounting and wiring all the parts. But this time I am going to keep the power steering and air conditioning, so that might take a few days to properly mount up.


  1. Just to be clear, you spent a bit over $10k on batteries?

  2. Yup, $11,800 including the Elcon 2KW charger. They should give me an 80-100 mile range per charge and last for 100k-150k miles.