Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adapter Plates Trimming

The past few days at work have been pretty crazy, but I did manage to get a few things done. I spent the past two nights trimming my adapter plates to account for the new motor mounts and dampers on the transmission. I also decided to trim the whole thing down so it looks much more professional.
Today we got the motor mounted to the transmission! It really looks much better now that it's been trimmed down, and the system rotates really well. I have to borrow the engine crane again from my neighbor tonight to I can install the motor tomorrow morning. We also removed the muffler and exhaust system, which took some more work than expected as the rubber mounts needed to be cut with a knife slowly.

We also tested the new CALB 180 AH on my old battery tray from the old 1996 Civic EV. To our surprise 44 out of 45 cells fit on it!
The one loner cell will get it's own mount on the side of this tray, which makes my life much easier. We also wrote down all the serial numbers and their voltages, and I have a completely serialized pack all within 4-thousanth of a volt from each other! This new pack is going to get a much better box, with insulation and I want 4 fans on the top to push cool air in and one exhaust to pull the air out when the pack is charging.

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