Monday, August 27, 2012

Motor Almost In!

The past few days I've been struggling getting the axles into the transmission. Well today, with the help of Erin, we finally got the axles in and bolted up the rotors back to the struts.!

I also got the shifter cabled hooked back up but have not connect the clutch piston. I had to trim the adapter plate a bit, so I started to file down the metal by hand but tomorrow I will use my jigsaw to finish it off. Then I will adjust the mount on the motor to make everything aligned and hopefully tomorrow night I can refill the transmission fluid and test spin the wheels on 12 volts!

I think this is the most difficult parts is getting this engine installed, then I can make brackets for the A/C and P/S in about a day then get to designing the control panel. I really hope to be working on the control panel this weekend, so this week I had to get things going!

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