Sunday, August 12, 2012

Transmission Removal

Today the weather was not cooperating at all. This morning it was torrential rains until noon and then the humidity and heat was unbearable. Despite that, my dad and I managed to remove the transmission from the engine!

The top picture is the now removed engine and the original clutch removed. There was surprising lots of clutch material left, but two out of the four springs on the clutch disc were nearly toast, so it didn't have much life left in it.

I cleaned up the transmission a bit with some degreaser and a hose. It's really light weight and I can manage it by myself with ease.

I also assembled the new clutch setup today:

I had to use the bolts from the original clutch setup, but it went together pretty easily. It's definitely beefier than the stock clutch so that's a good sign. It's an XTD Stage 4 clutch kit that came with a 10 LBs flywheel and the disc should be able to hold 315 FT-LBs of torque.

I also spray painted the new motor mounts for the FB1-4001a. I'll get pictures of those tomorrow when I get the motor mounted to the transmission. My goal for this week is to get the FB1-4001a installed and the brackets for the power steering and A/C designed and built. I will be going away on the 18th for a week, then I'll be back to the grind on this conversion, I need it running by September 5th!

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