Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick Update

My CALB 180AHs are on their way! My tracking number says I should get them this Thursday!

I haven't done too much these past few weeks, I received my Elcon 2000+ charger and I have all my parts sitting in my bedroom waiting to be installed. I did end up replacing my hood latch, next it my hood release cable then the rear suspension. Once that is done I start ripping the car apart!

This time I am going to do this right. I decided that when I was going to build this EV I would do it will all the major components on hand, and coming this Thursday I will have everything! I am also going to split the purchase of a proper engine hoist with my neighbor, who is also working on his project car, doing a BMW 3 series transmission swap.

My goal is to get this EV done by the end of August, it's going to be my full time commuter. That means not only do I have to get everything running, I have to get EVERYTHING running. Things like AC and a proper heater setup. I am estimating a good 80 to 100 miles range in this new EV, so that means my normal 17 mile commute wont take too much and I can afford to run AC and heat all the time if needed!

I'm excited now, I've been planning this for almost 2 years and now that it's coming together its surreal, no more lead sled for me!

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