Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Update

It's been quite some time since I updated this blog. This past summer I installed the new EV Display to use as a battery gauge and it works great. The EV has well over 4500 miles on it now and last week we installed a newer, better rear suspension system.

The Civic is back to stock ride height! I upgraded the rear springs from 450 lbs/inch to 1000 lbs/inch because the 450 lbs/inch sagged too much and caused the car to bottom out over some bumps. The car even feels better now that the rear is 3" higher than before.

I started a new job back in June and I haven't driven my EV to work yet, my dad has been using it since then. But now that I have upgraded the new springs and located a plug at work (that I need to test) I am planning on taking it to work soon.

I am also going to insulate the battery pack this weekend since the weather is getting colder. The cold weather performance of the lithiums are great, but they need to be above freezing to charge. Last winter I only charged during the day when the trunk was 45 F+ in the sun and on the really cold days I left the ceramic heater in the trunk. But this year I want to be able to charge at any time and the insulation will keep them above freezing. I might even put some small electric blankets around batteries for those nasty cold days.


  1. David,

    If you started charging as soon as you got to work and just let it go until the batteries are charged, wouldn't that keep them warm enough, even if the temperature was colder outside? I thought you only had problems if you let the car set long enough for the battery temperature to drop and then started charging.


  2. Yeah, I only have the problem when the car sits for a few days. I can't charge when they are below freezing, but also the performance is somewhat lacking in the fun zip when they are that cold.

  3. like your conversion ;)

    were in the world do you live? Because if you got this EV registered inside EU, others could do so also ;)

    I drive citroen c1 EVie my self

  4. my EV can be found here: