Sunday, February 3, 2013

Transmission Rebuild

This past weekend I've been working on the new motor setup and rebuilding the transmission.
Last night I managed to get the transmission apart and inspected it.

The transmission was in really good condition, looks brand new. I did find that two of the bearings on the input shaft either had extra play or made some noise, including the Input Shaft Bearing that I expected to have issues. I found nothing destroyed, which is really good. The internals look complicated but they really aren't I spent an hour this morning taking the shafts out, replacing the bearings and just figuring out how the shifter functions.

Tonight I will put the transmission back together as I had to go out and buy Hondabond to seal the casing back up.

After tonight all I need is a nice weather day and I can drop the motor back in and get back to EV'ing!


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