Friday, February 1, 2013

The Rebuild

Last week my new Warp 9 arrived!

The Warp 9 have some improvements over my FB1-4001a. First it has larger brushes that allow for more current handling, and it has a better fan for cooling. It also has 1/2" terminals to handle more current.

Now I have been having a slight problem with my coupling. I designed it to use H bushings and I ordered up 4 new H bushings and when they arrived I found they had slightly changed! Their diameter was 0.005" smaller which meant they didn't lock onto the shaft when I tried to install the coupling.

So after a few days of research I found out that there is a replacement to the H bushing, the QT bushing. It has a slightly different design of having a single split down the opposite side of the key way. It was also the correct dimensions and it installed perfectly.

Here is where I finished off last night:
I got the coupling and flywheel mounted down and did a test spin yesterday and it looks pretty good. There is a very very very slight wobble but I could only see it at low speeds. This afternoon I am going to try some little adjustments and then break in the brushes using a 12 volt battery while I work on my transmission. With any luck I'll be ready to put the EV back together by the end of the weekend, once I get another good sunny day.

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