Monday, December 10, 2012

Improving Things

I've been extremely pleased with my EV over the past few months. I have nearly 1700 electric miles on it and I have no really no problems. I do have a small issues with a bad relay on my heating system that doesn't always turn on or off, so I have to replace it with a better quality one.

I've had a few run ins with snow, but the EV has done well with driving in it and with keeping the windshield clean.

I am also slowly improving the efficiency. The new chambers gave me a 4% improvement in efficiency and I am going to inflate my tires more to help more. Right now I am at 291 WH/Mi from the wall and 268 WH/Mi from the battery pack with the heater off. My goal is to get it under 250 WH/Mi with the heater off so I am slowly working towards it.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the update. It makes sense that getting the alignment correct with your suspension modification would help efficiency, but 4% is huge! After tire pressure what else can you do? Can you do any of the following: belly pan, reduce mass, reduce the size of the the opening at the front grill? 268 Wh/mile seams pretty good already.