Monday, November 12, 2012

Rear Cambers

I have the opportunity to have the use of my neighbors garage for the next month so I started this weekend by installing new adjustable rear cambers.

This picture is a little fuzzy, but here is the new camber installed in one of the rear wheel wells.

And here the old next to the new. It was pretty quick installing these, although I have not done a proper alignment yet. I took a good guess at how far out I should be and I think I did pretty well. 

And this is what the wheel looks after the new cambers. Before it really did look like there was 600 lbs in the trunk and the wheel was bent in considerably. 

I probably will adjust the cambers again towards the end of the week bu for now I am happy. I also installed the stock splash shield and did an efficiency test.

For the past month my driving styles have yielded a consistent 302 Wh/Mi figure from the wall using a KillAWatt meter. Well my last test showed it is now down to 291 Wh/Mi! I usually have a 16.7 mile commute which is 75% at 40-45 MPH and the rest is stop and go with 30 MPH tops if I'm lucky. I still need to add more air to the tires, I found 38 PSI+ for my last EV showed improvements in efficiency.

To put it into perspective, my previous 96v lead EV was 450 Wh/Mi from the wall!


  1. David,
    Did you ever successfully use an automatic tranny? I have a 2005 hch with cvt and would like to think about future conversion to ev but not sure if the cvt would work.

  2. I did use an automatic transmission for my 1996 Civic, but don't expect decent efficiency or performance. The autos/CVTs can't take much torque, I blew my first auto running over 125 ft-lbs through the transmission, so 500 AMPs through a DC motor is the best those transmissions can take. They are also less than 70% efficient compared to the manual when using an electric motor.

  3. I was wondering the same thing... I have a 2002 Civic Coupe, auto. I have a short commute so I could take the hit in efficiency, but obviously toasting trannys is no fun (on the plus side my tranny's brand new). So maybe it's just a matter of finding the right engine size match.