Sunday, March 18, 2012

Introduction to the 2001 Civic EX EV Coupe

Here is my 2001 Civic EX Coupe that I purchased to convert to electric! After 5 years and 7,000+ miles with my 1996 Civic EV, I decided it was time for a nicer, faster EV with more range. I retired my 1996 Civic and salvaged all the components with this new EV.

So here are my goals for this EV:
- 80 to 100 Miles Range
- 65+ MPH
- 8 second 0-60
- Use the J1772 charging stations

What I have for components:
- FB1-4001a DC Series Wound Motor
- Cafe Electric Z1k-LV Controller
- Zivan DC/DC Converter
- Audi Vacuum Brake System
- 1.5 KW Liquid Heating System
- 2.5 HP Motor for A/C and Power Steering

In order to achieve my goals, I need Lithium batteries and a good charger. I am working on my own version of the open source EMW 10 KW Charger and doing my research on batteries.

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  1. Good luck David.
    I am considering doing something like this with a 2002 Civic so I'll be reading!