Monday, August 13, 2012

Playing with the Clutch

Not too much happened today, we have some things at work to deal with. We did have some progress tho. My girlfriend (Erin) and I started assembling the electric motor to the plates and connect the clutch.

Of course after getting these together I forgot the put the spacer plate in! So tomorrow I am going to take the clutch off and put the spacer on. It will only take a few minutes but I was too tired to do it this evening. I actually had a hard time find the 11mm wrench needed to tighten the coupling, which took a couple of hours of going through all the tools.

As you can see I kept the motor mount I made for the last Civic, but this time I painted it up to prevent rusting. I am trying to make this EV as professional as possible to show off, so all the steel pieces will be spray painted to prevent rust.

Anyways, tomorrow I have high hopes of removing the muffler and getting the motor mounted to the transmission. And if I get those done, I want to get rid of the gas tank. Once the gas tank is gone and the muffler remove the electric motor gets installed! It's so much nicer to have all the major parts built and ready for installing.

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